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Are you looking for a GDPR-compliant Asana alternative from Germany? Compare Asana with the Hamburg-based work management tool awork and find out why awork is the best Asana alternative for teams with high data protection requirements.

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  • Asana overview
  • Work as an asana alternative
  • Data protection / GDPR in the workplace and Asana
  • Cost of a job and asana
  • Kanban in a job and Asana
  • Gantt charts in awork and Asana
  • Project management in awork and Asana

What sets Asana apart? An overview of the tool

The US-based cloud-based software Asana offers project management for teams that like to be involvedclassic PM toolswork like to-do lists or boards.

Project management in Asana

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  • With Asana, teams can organize and track their daily tasks—whether it's a single task or a large project.
  • Asana GDPR: All data is hosted in US data centers, but enterprise customers (higher price model) can have their data hosted in the EU data center in Frankfurt am Main.
  • With Asana, you can choose from different project views and work with the tool from anywhere.
  • Asana offers several pricing models: Prices range from a free version to a monthly payment of more than €30 per user.
  • The free basic version only covers the basic functions of Asana. Some features (e.g. milestones or specific integrations) can only be fully utilized in larger, more expensive packages.

Here are five things to look for after asana alternatives:

  1. Asana security and privacy:Asana data is managed in globally distributed data centers. For hosting in a German server location and GDPR compliance, Teams should use the cheapest Enterprise plan.
  2. Characteristics:For example, some users lack automations and integrations. Also, you cannot specify multiple people responsible for a task.
  3. No timestamp in the tool:Asana itself doesn't offer a way to track time across teams, but it does offer integration with the Timely or Clockify time tracking app.
  4. Preis:The basic version of Asana is best for teams that need a rudimentary task management tool. Teams pay up to €30 per user per month for more functional areas.
  5. User friendliness:Some users complain about Asana's overview, mentioning that pre-configuring the tool can increase the workload.

Work as an asana alternative

If you are looking for a GDPR-compliant Asana alternative for a secure and intuitive experienceproject managementthen you should definitely read on. We think: Successful task and project management should be easy and give you pleasure at work.

Why is awork the best Asana alternative for you and your team?

The GDPR-compliant Asana working alternative - for real joy at work.

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(Video) TOP 8 Asana Alternatives - Best Project Management Tools (2021)

Data protection / GDPR in the workplace and Asana

Asana hosting is in data centers around the world, including the US. The possibility of a GermanServerstandort, which ensures GDPR compliance, teams can only sign up with an Enterprise plan subscription.

The GDPR-compliant Asana workaround is simple, intuitive, and secure:

  • is a jobGDPR Compliant. The tool is operated in modern and certified data centers. These are certified according to ISO 27001, state-of-the-art and are operated in Germany.
  • All data saved in a job is only saved there. Nobody has access to it except you and, if your support requires it, our technician. This is ensured, for example, by the constantEncryption of your data.
  • Thanks tocomplex technical infrastructureawork guarantees very high availability, especially high data security and up-to-date backups.

Asana Privacy Alternative Experiments or awork for free!

Cost of a job and asana

What are the Asana prices?

  • The basic version of Asana is ideal for teams that want a tool that can do morerudimentary task managementrequires.
  • The Asana Premium plan costs around €14 per user per month (paid monthly). Features such as a timeline with Gantt charts, milestones, task templates or advanced search can only be used in higher-priced packages. Teams pay for these packsup to €30 per month per user.

Unlike the basic version of Asana, Asanaawork basic version "Premium"all functions for team planning included.Support is includedand you can upgrade at any time - very flexible and transparent!

Depending on your taste, awork is available in two versions:

Premium (from €8.99 per user per month):

  • For most teamsup to about 50 users* in the right entrance. All functions for planning your team are included and support is also included.
  • If you find out later that you need one or the other corporate feature, you can upgrade at any time.

Pursue (from €12.99 per user per month):

  • Especially for large organizations. With our support, thePlanning for multiple locations, customer teams or many userspossible.
  • Most teams grow into our enterprise packages from 50 users - our largest teams plan to work around 5,000 users.
  • Enterprise features include single sign-on, your own team URL, pay by invoice or dedicated enterprise support.

If you want to experience non-binding work, then use this14 days free trial. No credit card required and no automatic registration.

Kanban in a job and Asana

Everything you need to know about Asana Kanban Board - your project progress in one place.

  • Columns can beadapt flexibly to the progress of workand can be named as required.
  • Each card on the board contains a due date, assignee, and subtasks for the issue.
  • You can also go directly from the board to theTimeline or calendar viewExchange.

Quadro's Kanban for Asana

awork as Asana-Alternative - awork (3)

Kanban boards in Asana showing New Requests, In Progress, and Completed columns.

(Video) 5 Best Asana Alternatives

And what does a Kanban board look like in awork? awork also has different columns that can be flexibly adapted to the individual needs of your team.

Kanban awork boards also ensure a perfect overview of your tasks in agile projects.

awork as Asana-Alternative - awork (4)

Working Kanban boards - agile and beautiful

Comparing the Asana Kanban Board to the awork Board visualization, the following advantages of awork stand out:

  • With a click on the task icons you canCustomize assignees or deadlines, choose to-do lists and add tags. Also start the timer, create dependencies or recurring tasksand much more!
  • In addition, you can group tasks by lists and users as well as in thepresentation modeAgile Kanban board change. This feature is particularly useful for meetings with clients or your team.

Outcome of Kanban boards: Unlike Asana, awork has more features built specifically for itproductive collaboration in the creative teams are designed. They support you and your team in a happy and productive cooperation.

Furthermore, a work convinces with asmooth and very intuitive board interface. Perfect overview of all pending tasks, even in agile projects!

Asana Privacy Alternative Experiments or awork for free!

Gantt charts in awork and Asana

Gantt charts show the schedule of a project and its parts (e.g. phases and tasks). They are used by project managers to do thiscurrent timetable statusand ensure compliance.

(Video) Best Project Management Tools for Teams in 2020 | 10 Asana Alternatives

How do Gantt charts work in Asana?

  1. You canDeadlines and a start dateAdd it to your task and it will be visible in the Gantt chart.
  2. In Asana, you can toosuccessesCreate to mark important sub-goals. AlsodependenciesYou can easily set tasks.
  3. If the deadlines are exceeded and need to be changed, you can send them by emailDrag and drop on the timelineput off.

Gantt charts in Asana: Access Gantt charts from Asana with one click in the timeline view.

awork as Asana-Alternative - awork (5)

What do Gantt charts look like at work and what makes them so great?

Work Gantt charts are the best Asana alternative because of the following benefits:

  • Also in the free version:You can only use Gantt charts in Asana if you purchase the Premium plan. On the other hand, with awork you can work directly with Gantt charts on the awork timeline in all tariffs and in the free trial version.
  • Smart zoom in and out:See the big picture instead of just current tasks in Asana. In the timeline, you can increase or decrease the visible time range and thus get a holistic view of your project.
  • Adding tasks is easy:Create new tasks not only via drag and drop like in Asana, but also via the "Add" button or unplanned tasks in the work.
  • mind map:So that you can quickly switch to a different time on long projects, there is a mini-map of your timeline below - with only one job. If you click on a point in time here, the wide view of the timeline automatically switches to this time range.
  • Export history as PDF:You can export the entire timeline as PDF using the document icon in the top right corner. You can download this PDF and send it to a client, for example, or embed it in a presentation - Asana doesn't offer this option.

The timeline contains all tasks including milestones, dependencies and shows the status of each task highlighted in color - nice project organization!

awork as Asana-Alternative - awork (6)

Gantt charts in a job

Project management in awork and Asana

The cloud software Asana relies more on classic project management methods. Against the background of increased productivity, Asana aims to enable effective teamwork. To do this, teams can access a variety of PM resource groups within the software:

  • Die App-Integration
  • automations
  • Goals
  • formulate
  • Workflow-Builder
  • timelines
  • boards
  • reports
  • workload
  • calendar
  • and much more.

With so many functions, it's easy to lose track of projects and tasks. awork solves this problem. Even if the tool covers many functional areas, the entire interface always remains very clear and simple - even with many projects running at the same time.

(Video) TASKADE amazing ASANA alternative?

awork is perfect for setting up and managing large projects:

  1. Because awork, like Asana, is a cloud solution (Software as a Service), you canStart planning your projects immediatelyand create your first tasks.
  2. Clear responsibilities and an intuitive user interface help to get a good overview.
  3. Ifwork team planningYou can plan multiple projects at the same time, taking into account the workload of your users.
  4. Mobile project management on the go:With the awork app, you're always up to date, even when you're on the go. You can create tasks or just start tracking time.

Good project planning not only lets you work happily in a team, but also contributes to the success of the project.

awork as Asana-Alternative - awork (7)

Smooth project management in one job.

Pro tip: Did you know you can fully customize your dashboard in awork? Decide for yourself which widgets you need for a quick overview every day and add them to your dashboard.

awork goes beyond pure project management: It is made for teams that do thatwork together better and happierwant.

How exactly does that look?

  • Made for Users:awork is quick to use, intuitive and easy to use - for all age groups and teams of all sizes.
  • Simply beautiful project organization:The tool is beautiful and brings a smile to the faces of you and your team with friendly interaction.
  • Admin Hassle Job Satisfaction Status:Put an end to the organizational chaos - a job creates more time for the pleasant part of your job.

Try Asana Alternative awork for free!

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Why Trello is better than Asana? ›

You should use Asana if you're looking to manage projects for more than two people, especially if you're managing a small team. You should use Trello if you need a visual project management tool and don't need to divide subtasks out to a team very often.

Is Jira similar to Asana? ›

Both Asana and Jira can be very helpful to the right audience, and both work as fully functional project management software. Jira is very popular with the development and engineering communities while Asana is popular with small and scaling teams looking to manage a variety of project types in a single place.

Which project management tools are better Asana or Trello? ›

The most crucial difference between the tools is how they organize the task. Trello uses the Kanban approach that allows team collaboration. Whereas, Asana uses the traditional approach in which teamwork is organized around the individual project.

Why is Asana better than Basecamp? ›

While Asana offers more features, more integrations, and a better, more informative startup process, Basecamp offers better pricing and faster support. When it comes to ease of use, both tools are simple, intuitive, and effortless to navigate.

What is the best alternative to Asana? ›

Our Top Asana Alternatives
  • ClickUp: Best for Integrations.
  • Microsoft Planner: Best for Microsoft Users.
  • Notion: Best for Templates.
  • Confluence: Best for Large Organizations.
  • Teamwork: Best for Time Tracking.
  • Trello: Best for Solopreneurs.
  • Wrike: Best for Productivity.
  • Basecamp: Best for Group Chats.
Jan 22, 2023

Is there a Google equivalent to Asana? ›

Asana is a web and mobile project management app.

Why choose Asana over Jira? ›

Because Jira is designed to help engineering teams fix issues and build software, it's not flexible enough for teams across your company. Asana helps all teams coordinate and manage their work in the view that's best for them—from lists and boards, to calendars and Timeline.

Is Asana cheaper than Jira? ›

Jira is a lot cheaper than Asana if you look at just the cost in dollars, but Asana makes up for its higher pricing with a slew of useful features.

Is Asana Scrum or Kanban? ›

In fact, at Asana, we often use Kanban boards to represent ongoing processes. Kanban board columns can be organized in different ways. When you're running a Scrum, it's important to track work as it moves through stages.

What is the most used project management tool? ›

JIRA. JIRA is the most used project management software by various organizations that work on the Agile SDLC principle.

Does NASA use Asana? ›

Asana is one such popular project management tool. Hundreds of companies use it, including Google and NASA.

Which is better slack or Asana? ›

If you are looking for a workplace communication tool to make it easy for team members to communicate in real-time, Slack is your best bet. If, on the other hand, you want to track projects, assign tasks and monitor deadlines, then Asana will better meet your needs.

What do you dislike about Asana? ›

Asanas mobile app version is quite limited with what you can do with it aside from just checking changes and updates. It is best suited for desktops so as to get a better overview of your dashboards. Another drawback of asana is that it does not offer an option to assign a task to a number of team members.

What are the limitations of Asana? ›

No Time Tracking

Asana is a powerful tool for tracking projects, tasks, and assignees. However, it does not have a built-in time tracking feature. Users need to find other time tracking apps and integrate them with Asana to have the ability to track time.

What is going on with Basecamp? ›

Following a controversial ban on political discussions earlier this week, Basecamp employees are heading for the exits. The company employs around 60 people, and roughly a third of the company appears to have accepted buyouts to leave, many citing new company policies.

Is the free version of Asana worth it? ›

For basic task management, Asana's free version is great. For complex projects and large teams, it might not be a good fit because it does not include a timeline view or advanced search and it limits administrative control.

Why is Asana the best tool? ›

It is easy to use and offers a variety of features, such as lists, files and calendar views. Asana has multiple views, too, but has more of them, such as timeline, calendar, board, list and workload. Asana also comes with more than 50 templates, whereas Basecamp only has custom templates.

Is Asana free for lifetime? ›

The free version of Asana is available for teams of up to 15 people. Asana Premium costs $10.99 per user per month when billed annually and $13.49 per user per month when billed monthly. The price of Asana Business is $24.99 per user per month when billed annually and $30.49 when billed monthly.

Is there a Google kanban? ›

Kanbanchi for Google Workspace is the only online project management / task management / collaboration software with Kanban Board, Gantt Chart and Time Tracker. Project boards with lists and cards visualise a workflow of all your tasks and activities.

Is ClickUp better than Asana? ›

Asana's paid plans are almost twice as much as ClickUp's paid plans. ClickUp's free program is also more robust than Asana's. ClickUp's free plan allows for unlimited tasks and users while Asana's free plan is limited to 15 users and only offers basic task management tools.

Is Asana the best tool? ›

Asana is one of the few options that made our review of the best project management tools. It's not our top pick, but Asana may still be the better option for some people. The platform is intuitive, easy for employees to master, and offers more robust automation triggers most of our other recommendations.

Is Asana good for agile projects? ›

Agile practices emphasize choosing flexible processes that can adapt to your team's needs each sprint. Asana is great for Agile teams precisely because it is so flexible and has many ways for your team to incorporate Agile practices, even as they change. Learn more ways engineering teams can use Asana: Bug tracking.

Is Asana good for agile project management? ›

Asana helps you plan, organize, and manage Agile projects and Scrum sprints in a tool that's as flexible and collaborative as your team. From Boards to Timelines and custom fields to dependencies, Asana has the features your team needs to build fast and ship often.

What company owns Asana? ›

Asana, Inc

Is Asana difficult to learn? ›

Asana is more of a collaboration tool than a comprehensive project management software. It doesn't offer financial management features such as invoicing, budget forecasts, or reporting. That said, it's incredibly easy to learn and use, making it perfect for teams of all skill levels.

Why is Asana better than smartsheet? ›

In short, Smartsheet offers many of the same features as Asana and is indeed a powerful application. However, Asana provides a better user interface, more robust project management features, and more accessible collaboration capabilities.

Why kanban is not agile? ›

Agile process focuses on constant communication whereas Kanban process have shorter sprint lengths forced to break up items to fit within sprint boundaries. Agile process allows Iterative Development whereas Kanban process does not allow Iterative Development.

What are the 6 rules of kanban? ›

Toyota has six rules for the effective application of Kanban: 1) Never pass on defective products; 2) Take only what is needed; 3) Produce the exact quantity required; 4) Level the production; 5) Fine-tune production; and 6) Stabilise and rationalise the process.

Is kanban still agile? ›

Kanban methodology is an agile method that aims at continuous improvement, flexibility in task management, and enhanced workflow. With this illustrative approach, the progress of the whole project can be easily understood in a glance.

What are the 7 new management tools? ›

These include:
  • Affinity diagrams.
  • Tree diagrams.
  • Process decision program charts (PDPC)
  • Matrix diagrams.
  • Interrelationship digraphs.
  • Prioritization matrices.
  • Activity network diagrams.

What are the 4 types of project management? ›

A 2017 report published by the Harvard Business Review divides project manager personalities into four different types—executor, prophet, expert, and gambler [2]. Knowing how you or other project managers operate can be useful in discerning what kind of project management style is best for the situation.

Does Disney use Asana? ›

Teams across the globe in every industry—from fast-growing tech companies like Pinterest and Uber, to organizations like the United Way and NASA, to global brands like Disney and Verizon—use Asana to achieve more than they could before.

What major companies use Asana? ›

Asana is the easiest way for teams to track their work.
1200 companies reportedly use Asana in their tech stacks, including Uber, Airbnb, and Pinterest.
  • Uber.
  • Airbnb.
  • Pinterest.
  • Instacart.
  • Robinhood.
  • Stripe.
  • CRED.
  • Tech Stack.

Is Asana a CRM system? ›

Asana is a cloud-based CRM and integrates with many applications like email, communication, and calendar. Since Asana is a Project Management tool it can track activities and manage interactions.

Is Asana basic enough? ›

Asana's free plan is great if your needs aren't as complex and you don't have a large team to work with. Plus, if you need to organize your personal tasks better, the free plan should do just fine. To decide if you need an upgrade, consider the size of your team; if you have more than 15 persons, you should upgrade.

Is Asana making money? ›

Asana makes money from the sale of subscriptions to our cloud-based platform. Asana offers three levels of paid subscriptions to serve the varying needs of paying customers: Premium, Business, and Enterprise. In FY22, Asana generated $378 million of revenues from 119,000 paying customers.

What is the difference between Asana and Confluence? ›

Asana is the leading work management platform for cross-team work that aligns employees around company goals and creates... Confluence is a shared workspace to create and manage all your work. From product roadmaps to creative briefs, help your...

Which is the hardest Asana in the world? ›

Handstand is considered the most difficult yoga asana, among others, and splitting legs makes the pose more challenging.

What is Asana very short answer? ›

An āsana (Sanskrit: आसन) is a body posture, originally and still a general term for a sitting meditation pose, and later extended in hatha yoga and modern yoga as exercise, to any type of position, adding reclining, standing, inverted, twisting, and balancing poses.

Which Asana is the easiest? ›

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

It is one of the most basic yoga asanas and is also the starting position for almost every other asana. Therefore, it is also known as the mother of all yoga asanas. Simple and easy, this easy yoga asana works on your legs and helps strengthen your stomach and hips too.

Which Asana is not comfortable for beginners? ›

If it's your first time, don't try these asanas without professional supervision: 1. Sirsasana: Any time you put pressure on your neck in a yoga asana such as during a headstand, sarvangasana (shoulder stand), halasana, or urdhva padmasana without practice, you could invite issues with your cervical vertebrae.

What are the contraindications of asanas? ›

A yoga contraindication is a condition or factor that can lead to certain asanas or pranayamas harming the practitioner. These could range from lower back pain and asthma to hypertension and pregnancy.

Is there anything better than Basecamp? ›

Wrike is a great Basecamp alternative, especially for large teams that want more out of their online project management software.

Why did people quit Basecamp? ›

A third of Basecamp's workers resign after a ban on talking politics. About a third of Basecamp's employees have said they are resigning after the company, which makes productivity software, announced new policies banning workplace conversations about politics.

Is trello better than Basecamp? ›

Trello has a more limited feature set than Basecamp, but is easier to get the hang of. Trello has a very wide selection of Power-Ups and integrations. Trello has a generous free version and flexible per-user pricing plans, making it more affordable for smaller teams.

What is the advantage of using Trello? ›

Trello Advantages

Trello follows the Kanban system, which is a popular methodology used to achieve lean management. This means that you can also achieve lean with Trello. It's mobile-friendly. Trello's interface looks very similar to a mobile application and is very user-friendly.

What is special about Trello? ›

Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process. Imagine a white board, filled with lists of sticky notes, with each note as a task for you and your team.

Why You Should Use Trello? ›

7 reasons to use Trello for project management
  • It's easy and fast. ...
  • Quickly add to your board. ...
  • Collaborate with someone or a team. ...
  • Create a public board to share widely. ...
  • Power up your board with useful features. ...
  • Connect your board to your calendar and email. ...
  • Start with a template to make organizing even easier. ...
  • Limitations.
Aug 1, 2022

Why is Trello so popular? ›

Trello is a popular project management application with a visually appealing Kanban-style design. The cards are easy for all team members to read, and it's a good place to start for project management software.

Who is Trello closest competitor? ›

Competitors and Alternatives to Trello
  • Smartsheet.
  • ClickUp.
  • Wrike.
  • Workfront.
  • Lucidspark.
  • Planview AdaptiveWork.

Why not to use Asana? ›

No Time Tracking

Asana is a powerful tool for tracking projects, tasks, and assignees. However, it does not have a built-in time tracking feature. Users need to find other time tracking apps and integrate them with Asana to have the ability to track time.

What can replace Trello with? ›

  • 18 Trello Alternatives For Better Project Management In 2023. Michaela Rollings. ...
  • Hive. If you're moving on from Trello because you're outgrowing it and are after something with more functionality, then you'll want to check out Hive. ...
  • Wrike. ...
  • Asana. ...
  • ClickUp. ...
  • Monday. ...
  • Airtable. ...
  • ProofHub.
Jan 31, 2023

Is Trello owned by Google? ›

Trello is a web-based, kanban-style, list-making application and is developed by Trello Enterprise, a subsidiary of Atlassian. Created in 2011 by Fog Creek Software, it was spun out to form the basis of a separate company in New York City in 2014 and sold to Atlassian in January 2017.

Is Trello agile or waterfall? ›

Trello can be used for both waterfall and agile planning methodologies, but due to the kanban board style, this tool works best with the agile method.

What is better than Trello and free? ›

KanbanFlow is a great free alternative to Trello and other project management tools.

Is Trello no longer free? ›

Trello costs nothing for its free plan but also has three paid plans: Standard ($5 per user, per month), Premium ($10 per user, per month), and Enterprise ($17.50 per user, per month), all billed annually.

Why use Trello instead of Jira? ›

If you need a tool to support a wide range of teams and use cases, Trello is your go-to. If you need a more structured tool to support the complex processes of your dev teams, Jira might be the way to go. But if your org has both of these needs, using Trello and Jira together is definitely the right move all together.

Is Trello free forever? ›

Yes, Trello has a forever free plan that includes unlimited cards, up to 19 boards per workspace, unlimited activity log and unlimited storage (10 MB/file). One disadvantage of the plan is its limit of 250 free automotive tasks per month.

Do big companies use Trello? ›

3569 companies reportedly use Trello in their tech stacks, including Udemy, CRED, and StackShare.

What is the Google equivalent of Trello? ›

What can I use instead of Trello for Google Workspace? Try out Kanbanchi. It is a project management and team collaboration tool made specifically for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). Kanbanchi integrates with Google Workspace immediately after signing up.

Does Google have a product like Trello? ›

Google Keep and Trello are primarily classified as "Task Management" and "Project Management" tools respectively. Some of the features offered by Google Keep are: Add items to your shopping list without even touching the phone. Reminders in your Keep notes show up in Google Now too.


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